Apocalypse Tips and Tricks

The “Apocalypse Now” did not happen in some far off future; it is already happening today. In fact, the unfolding of the whole problem is already on its way. From a simple change in the weather patterns, to destruction caused by natural calamities and human encroachment, to war and tension with neighboring countries, all of this is happening at the same time. The presence of our own scientists and our own technologies, on one hand, and the intrusions of other societies from other worlds on the other, have brought about an unprecedented phenomenon.

The apocalypse is not that far away; in fact, we are already experiencing some of the effects of the total changes that are happening on this planet. Thus, the best thing that can be done right now is to pay attention to what the future holds. We can also use this opportunity to take measures and prepare ourselves for the inevitable end of days.

A very famous movie is “An Inconvenient Truth” which talked about the disastrous effects of global warming. In the movie, the film director also compared the world climate change with the invasion of some foreign powers and the loss of those people in the battle. Both wars have great effect on humanity’s future and on its very existence. So, it seems that the apocalypse has already begun.

However, it is not only the film that is responsible for the formation of this new ‘apocalypse’. During the year 1985, another movie called “War Games” was released. This movie was an eye-opener for all. It showed the disastrous consequences of nuclear war and revealed the dangers of being “used up” in a war.

These two movies have shown us something that was not expected. And yet, they did indeed cause us to pay attention. Just like what happened after the film “The Day After Tomorrow” was released. Some writers and filmmakers thought that this movie would simply give us an eye-opener on the world in terms of events and developments. However, they forgot to tell us that they were simply expressing their personal opinions about these events.

Apocalyptic movements were already widespread among our fellow citizens. This new movement started as a response to our modern society. They felt that the years of nuclear fission was causing more pollution, destruction and fear among them.

This new apocalyptic movements appeared in more diverse forms; we can see them in internet forums, peace and justice movements, green movements, social movements, feminist movements, anti-capitalist movements, civil rights movements, religious movements, animal rights movements, indigenous rights movements, anti-nuclear movements, and many more. All of these different movements have an extraordinary demand for “clean energy”.

The global clean energy scene is very encouraging and inspiring. It does not only impact on our world but on the environment as well. The arrival of the apocalypse is imminent, and it can bring about a world of new possibilities that we have never imagined before.

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